Frequently Asked Questions

Total ECP is a new fast-growing eye care company, built with a single goal in mind: to create the nation’s most advanced eye care delivery model — one based on the cumulative expertise of the industry’s most accomplished, most forward thinking practitioners, operational and regulatory experts, educators and thought leaders.

We began by assembling a best-in-class team of optometry veterans — professionals who started their careers running their own practices and continue to do so. This is just one reason we are ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting our partner doctors.

Our model represents the next step in the evolution of eye care: a medically-focused service delivery model that combines the infrastructure, efficiency and cost saving advantages of a large system with the personalized service and intimacy of an independent practice.

Total ECP provides an environment of choice and inclusion, a higher level of patient quality, and a path to renewal, growth and profitability for practices that are increasingly buckling under pressure of a fast-changing industry. 

The current regulatory, managed care and competitive environment is getting harder and harder to navigate. Running a successful independent practice gets more challenging by the day. Operations get more expensive, demand more or your time, and distract you from delivering the quality care your patients expect.

Total ECP was created to reduce those daily distractions so you can focus on what’s really important: your patients. With Total ECP as your partner, you have access to the kind of industry-leading expertise and resources that aren’t typically available to smaller independent optometry practices. 

Our partners are industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and consultants who provide resources and support services to independent optometry practices just like yours. You gain the benefit of their combined expertise to run and grow your practice, while retaining continued equity ownership, and the ability to share increased profitability down the road. 

Fundamentally, a Total ECP partnership allows you to offload much of the administrative burden that comes with owning and running a practice, letting you focus on your patients as well as increase your quality of life. It also allows you to take advantage of our best-in-class support services and resources, our state-of-the-art systems and our equipment purchasing power. Your costs go down, and the quality of the care you deliver goes up — along with your practice revenues.  
Unlike other private equity-backed groups, Total ECP provides support and infrastructure as well as the opportunity for our partner doctors to retain equity in their practices — and thereby share in future growth and profitability. It is definitely not your traditional acquisition model.

Another key difference is our clinical focus. While the retail operations of our practices are vitally important to us, we work hard to maximize medical eye care opportunities for our practitioners — thereby providing greater access to quality medical eyecare for the patients we serve across the country.

Our difference is our commitment to taking a deep dive into your practice, understanding it, and working in partnership with you to achieve your next level goals.

One of the primary benefits of partnering with Total ECP is ongoing access to our practice expertise and our supplier networks. From purchasing to contract negotiations, you save in virtually every aspect of your operations. Frame board management is a particular area of focus for us at Total ECP. We have mastered the art of engaging patients and enhancing experiences, particularly in regard to our product lines, which we customize to appeal to patients in any market or region.
We do not change the way a practice operates solely in the interest of changing it. Each practice is unique, with its own brand, patient community, and culture. We want to retain what’s best in every practice while making the improvements the business needs.

A partnership usually begins with a deep dive into the operations of the practice to find out what’s working and what, if anything, can be improved. Then, collaboratively, we identify key success drivers, define metrics and goals, and implement the changes that will take the practice to the next level of operational efficiency, growth and profitability.

PMS/EHR systems, frameboard, scheduling and contact management solutions are the most frequently utilized aspects of our platform.

Our partner doctors work most closely with our Chief Medical Officer, a well-known optometrist and industry leader. Practice staff are aligned with our field teams, who train and mentor personnel in the implementation of best practices on both the clinical and retail sides of the business. As Total ECP grows, the management structure will likewise continue to evolve.
Once the partnership is formalized, our field team will consult with you and every member of your team. Our goal is to make sure that each team member is in the right role and making the greatest use of their particular skills. Together as we make operational improvements, opportunities may arise for individuals to assume an elevated role or responsibility. At those times we will work collaboratively to provide any and all support, training and opportunities for career growth.

During our due diligence phase, we assess all facets of the practice. If operations are running smoothly and efficiently, they remain intact. If, as a team, we agree that changes are needed, we provide resources and expertise to make them happen.  We centralize processes only where it makes sense.

Federal regulations change every year and becoming Non-HIPAA compliant could have a negative financial impact on the business. Our partner service providers include the industry’s leading experts in regulatory compliance. They oversee all technical and operational aspects of government regulations for our partner doctors.
The reality of owning an optometry practice is changing, and not for the better. Virtually every aspect of the business — from HR to vendor relations, training, customer service, vision care plan management and day to day operations — is becoming more complicated and more demanding. The result is less and less of the joy and freedom that used to come with owning your own practice.

Total ECP has a team of the industry’s most experienced independent ECP experts, specialized in virtually every aspect of business. We will work closely with you to implement the best practices leading to increased operational efficiency, superior patient experiences and practice growth. 

A big part of our goal at Total ECP is to give you back the freedom, enjoyment and quality of life you once had with your business. By removing many of the day-to-day frustrations and operational pressures that come with business ownership, we seek to free you up — not only to spend more direct time with your patients, but to do many of the things you used to do but are unable to do anymore, like enjoy a stress-free vacation or a weekend without worry or paperwork.