Why Partner with Total ECP?

The eye care industry, along with the field of Health Care in general, is under pressure from increased regulation, reduced reimbursements, and increasing costs. In addition, the commoditization of eyeglasses and contact lenses, along with the growth of internet retailers that do not acknowledge the need for professional eye care, have squeezed the profitability of dedicated Doctors striving to provide top quality patient care. Doctors are working harder than ever, and often making less than before.

Total ECP addresses these concerns in two ways:

(i) By reducing practice expenses through increased buying power and the selective consolidation of administrative overhead; and

(ii) By increasing practice revenues through the dedicated support, resources, equipment, and systems needed to enhance patient care and help effectively drive the growth of the Practice.

A partnership with Total ECP provides an opportunity for the Doctor to monetize the majority of his or her equity in the practice, while still sharing in the ownership moving forward – a highly-differentiated component of our partnership approach. Total ECP works collaboratively with the Doctor to thoughtfully determine what operations should be maintained locally, and what might be improved upon to everyone’s benefit through the resources of our group.

If you have interest in learning more, we would welcome the opportunity to have a conversation to explore the possibilities and determine an approach that might work for you.